Sunday, February 5, 2012

Little Miss Citrus

Little Miss and Mister Citrus was held February 2-5, in Orlando, Florida at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center. Contestants competed in evening gown, interview, and citrus wear/wow wear. Optional competitions include the talent competition and the "Forever in Blue Jeans" competition.

2011 winners included: 0-11 months: Bailey Grace Sheridan; 12-23 months: Embrelyn Lawhorn; 0-35 months BOYS: Giovanni Lasorsa; 2-3 years: Sadie Sunshine Garrett; 3-6 years: BOYS: Randy Williams; 4-6 years: Brianna Ashley Gonzalez; 7-9 years: Bernice Chau; 10-13 years: Caitlyn Kent; 14-17 years: Natalie Dubuc; 18-27 years: Megan Polly; & 21-56 years: Miraya Young

Citrus Perfect Junior Teen: Caitlyn Kent; Citrus Perfect Teen: Alexus Nagy; Citrus Perfect Miss: Jessie Lavoce; & Citrus Perfect Woman: Laura Pucker

2012 Winners List (list is incomplete): 4-6 Queen: Karen Estevez, 0-6 Overall Queen: Isabella Ianuzzi, 7-9: Mandy Birren, 10-12: Hanna Moran; 7+ Overall Queen: Cecelia Gardner; 13-15: Shala Mohammadi;

Citrus Perfect Jr. Teen: Shala Mohammadi;

This oageant is directed by Little Miss Perfect's Michael Galanes of Citrus Productions. For more information please visit: or call or email: 9543220312

Thursday, January 26, 2012

America's National Teenager Scholarship Organization

Founded in 1970, America's National Teenager Scholarship Organization is the lomgest running premier pageant for teenagers in the United States. During July 19-29, 2012, the five pageants produced by the ANTSO staff will be held in San Antonio, Texas. From July 19-23, the National Sweetheart and ANTSO National Miss pageant will be held. From July 22-29, the National Teenager, National Junior Teenager and National Pre-Teen pageants will be held.

This year will also be the first year if the Miss National Teenager International pageant, to be held May 30-June 3 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Royalty for ANTSO include: Samantha Head (National Teenager 2012), Lauren Dingnes (National Jr. Teenager 2012), Brooke Called (Preteen National Teenaged 2012), Courtney Baxter (National Sweetheart 2012), Jordan McCool (Jr. National Sweetheart 2012), Michelle Bergh (Preteen National Sweetheart 2012), Kelsey Schmidt (ANTSO National Miss 2012), & Sally Spencer (ANTSO Ambassador 2012).

Required competitions include: My School (based on academics), My Activities (extra-curricular and community service), Interview, Personal Expression, Evening Gown and On Stage Question. Young ladies aged 9-25 are allowed to compete in this pageant.

This pageant is directed by Jenny Telwar. For more information please visit:, email or call: 866 NAT TEEN.

International Junior Miss

During the week of July 2nd-8th, 2012 in Orlando, Florida, girls ages 4-24 will take place in the International Junior Miss national competition. These girls are required to compete in interview, personal introduction, evening gown and fun fashion. Optional competitions include casual wear, talent, commercial, spokesmodel and photogenic.

Reigning royalty include: Taylor Nordquist (Florida), Jr. Princess Winner; Jessica Sales (Georgia), Princess Winner; Gianna Vittorini (Florida), Pre-Teen Winner; Casey Fleckenstein (California), Junior Teen Winner; Catherine Trisch (Florida), Teen Winner & Mee-Ladie Delgado (Florida), Miss Winner.

State pageants are still being held, and at-large contestants are welcomed. Join the fun, and be a part of the International Junior Miss family. This pageant is directed by Nikki Clark. For more information please visit:

American Dream Girl Pageant

In July 2012, girls from all over the United States and it's territories will be competing for the ultimate titles of Miss Teen American Dream Girl, Miss American Dream Girl, Ms. American Dream Woman and Mrs. American Dream Wife. These ladies will compete in evening gown, on stage question, fun fashion, interview, and swimwear. No talent is necessary, but is optional. Miss Teen American Dream Girl is for young ladies aged 13-17, Miss American Dream Girl is for young women aged 18-24, Ms. American Dream Woman is for women aged 21+ (may be single, divorced, have or had children) and Mrs. American Dream Wife is for married women ages 21 and over. This year's pageant will be held in Atlanta, Georgia for its second consecutive year.

Returning for the second time is Miss Virginia Dream Girl, Lisa Hamilton, former Miss Florida Teen Dream Girl. Also following the second run around is Miss Alabama Teen Dream Girl, Ally Winter, Miss Alabama Teen Dream girl 2008. Miss Georgia Dream Girl, Deidre Burnett, is former Miss Alabama Teen Dream Girl 2005. And along with Miss Alabama Teen, is former Miss Alabama Dream Girl 2008, Felicity Winter, Miss Tennessee Dream Girl.

This is expected to be the final year of this pageant to be directed by the current director, however, the pageant will continue on into 2013. For more information on this pageant, please email Miss Teen Utah Dream Girl, Courtney Hamilton and Miss Virginia Dream Girl, Lisa Hamilton's mother, Carmita Hamilton at

America's Super Pageant 2012

The second annual America's Super Pageant and International Super Ms. competitions will held June 22-24, 2012 in Hamilton, Montana. Contestants from any of the fifty states as well as other countries are welcome to compete. The required competitions include, little black dress (introduction), photogenic, evening wear, swimsuit, and interview. There six divisions to choose from, pre-teen (ages 8-12), teen (ages 13-17), miss (ages 18-25), Ms (ages 26+ may be single/divorced/have children) and Mrs. (all ages). These contestants will also be in the running towards Int'l Super Ms. a title prestigiously given out at the 2011 to the person with the most seatbelt and community services combined with overall scores from the America's Super pageant required competitions. For the first time, there will also be a cash prize, made in memory of Int'l Super Ms. and America's Super Teen, Rhiannon Dressel-Beattie's father, Dan Stockwell, the contestant promoting the most seat belt appearances going above and beyond the other contestants will win this prize, regardless of their overall placement.

The pre-teen segment of the pageant is what is being dubbed as a "mini-pageant" with delegates only required to compete in little black dress, evening wear and biography submission. America's Super Pre-Teen will win the same style crown as the official super pageant winners, as well as many other prizes.

Reigning royalty includes, America's Super Teen and International Super Ms. Rhiannon Dressel-Beattie from Florida, Bailey Reese, America's Super Miss, residing in Minnesota, America's Super Ms. Treena Pieper from Hawaii, America's Super Mrs. Kim Galeo from Minnesota, and from Nevada, America's Super Classic, Lucy Johnson.

This pageant is directed by Janet Bierer of Montana, a former pageant queen herself. For more information in this pageant, please visit: or call: 406-360-8777

Miss Teen America 2012

On the dates of April 11-14, 2012 in Dixon, Tennessee, girls ages 12-14 and 15-18 will be competing for the coveted Miss Junior Teen America and Miss Teen America titles. These girls either competed in their state preliminary pageants, or were appointed at-large by interest. Delegates will compete in evening gown, fitness wear, fun fashion and interview. Photogenic is required, but not included in the overall score.

In 2011, the Miss Junior Teen America top five contenders were, Alexandra Wallace (representing Tennessee), Brianna Smith (representing Minnesota), Hayley Leach (representing Kentucky), Victoria Kokinos (representing Southern States) and Katerina Rice (representing Maryland). Miss Teen America top five contenders were, Katarina Kneer (representing Maryland), Anna Barnes (representing Georgia), Chelsea Clement (representing Hawaii), Wesley Marie (representing Kentucky), and Christina Monello (representing New Jersey). These delegates had to then change into their interview outfits and answer an on stage question. After the on stage interview competition was complete, the delegates changed back into evening gown and were then awarded their final placement awards. Miss Junior Teen America 2011 is Victoria Kokinos, from Georgia and Miss Teen America 2011 is Katarina Kneer from Maryland.

This year's contestants have not been announced yet.

This pageant is directed by Nikki Clark, the executive director of International Junior Miss. For more information on this pageant please visit their website: or contact them by email: (Results from the 2012 national finals will be posted as soon as they are made available)

Miss High School America


In two months, the third annual Miss High School America and second annual Miss Collegiate America pageants will be held in San Antonio, Texas for the second consecutive year. Young women from all over the United States will be competing for the titles of Miss High School America and Miss Collegiate America 2012 and ultimately, the $10,000 cash scholarship.
Returning from previous Miss High School America competitions is Miss Hawaii Collegiate, Alyssandra Banquied, Miss Hawaii High School 2009; Kirby Keller, Miss Florida Collegiate, Miss Florida High School 2009; Miss California Collegiate, Serena Scott, Miss Montana High 2009 & Miss California High 2010; Miss New York Collegiate, Marissa Botting, Miss Wyoming High 2010; Haley O'Brien, Miss Minnesota Collegiate 2010 is also Miss Minnesota Collegiate 2011; Miss Montana Collegiate is Miss South Carolina High 2010, Breanna Scurry; Miss Rhode Island High, is Samantha Clark, former Miss Maine High 2010; Miss Utah High, Audrey Morris, was last year's Miss Nevada High.

This pageant is also featuring the comebacks of former state or national titleholders from other prestigous pageant systems. Miss Illinois Collegiate is Chelsea Reardon, International Junior Miss Teen 2010-2011. Miss Mississippi Collegiate is former Miss Mississippi America, Christine Kozlowski. Miss Kentucky Collegiate, Katie Himes, was Miss Teen America 2010-2011. International Miss 2008-2009, Kaitlyn Bruce is the reigning Miss Georgia Collegiate.

These girls will inhabit Texas for four days, from March 6-10. This system is directed by Amanda Patterson, Mrs. Arkansas America 2011-2012, top fifteen at Mrs. America. For more details about this pageant, please visit: (We will provide winners and placements following the crowning ceremonies)